Shuffle Board, Card Games and Wonderful Meals – Vacation Paradise

This is great. This is what retirement is all about. Fun, good food. What could be better?

Let’s look around. Hey, there’s a reception desk over there. That’s kind of neat. Flowers everywhere. Wow! And the colors. Everything is so bright.

To tell you the truth, I was not impressed with the food. I only had one meal and it was kind of bland. But I was promised a walk in the garden and that kind of made up for the food. The garden was small and plenty of places to sit.

Well, I said good bye to my Mom and left her retirement home – sometimes called a Senior Home. Boy, I was lucky to get her in there.

I left after a few more hugs and promised to return and went to my car and freaked out.

Is that what is going to happen to me? Is this my future? There was one hallway in this place. And if you went for a walk it was a big square so you would end up back in front of your own door.

I was horrified.

I wanted to run back in time and live life again at eighteen with no worries and a possible hamburger in my future without the guilt of dying from the ingredients.

I had looked at my retirement plans the night before and knew it was not the greatest, but after this experience I better do something and something fast.

Think about it. If you do not have a really strong cash/medical package for your retirement you are in big trouble. Does that scare you? I hope so.

What to do?

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